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In our role as a renewable energy developer, Manoa Energy offers end-to-end solutions that pave the way for a cleaner, more sustainable future, including:


Accelerating the world to a greener future


Manoa Energy is a Developer for renewable energy projects. We are founded with the goal of accelerating the deployment of solar and grid scale battery projects across Japan. Our dedicated team specialises in the seamless integration of proven technologies into locations throughout Japan. We create connections and generate value amongst engineering, procurement and construction companies, land owners, systems owners, and O&M providers.

Uncovering the Perfect

We possess the expertise to identify optimal project locations and resources. Through rigorous assessments of site feasibility, regulatory compliance, and market demand, we uncover promising opportunities for renewable energy endeavours.

Designing Projects 
for Success

Our team excels in project planning and design. We conduct detailed technical assessments and economic evaluations that lead to viable and high quality projects.

Engagement with

We understand the importance of fostering positive relationships with stakeholders. From local communities to government authorities and regulatory bodies, we facilitate open dialogue, address concerns, and build partnerships to ensure seamless project implementation.


As Japan embraces ambitious decarbonisation plans, we are excited to actively participate in this transformative space. By concurrently increasing the renewable energy capacity of Japan through our solar projects and mobilizing solutions to load balancing, grid resilience and demand response issues through our battery projects, Manoa Energy aims to aid in the increasing integration of renewable energy into the Japanese electrical network.

Grid Integration

Collaboration with utility organizations is paramount to our work. By liaising and collaborating with these entities, we facilitate smooth grid connection and integration of our renewable energy projects, maximizing their impact and effectiveness.

Project Management

From pre-feasibility to construction and completion, we expertly oversee the entire project lifecycle. Our dedicated team ensures seamless coordination between engineers, suppliers, and contractors, pursuing on-time and on-budget delivery, and adherence to the highest standards of quality and safety.


At Manoa Energy, we possess a wealth of knowledge in renewable technologies, finance, and environmental regulations. Our multidisciplinary approach, coupled with our ability in project management and stakeholder engagement, allows us to provide comprehensive services that drive the widespread adoption of clean energy solutions.

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Tsao Hibiya 9F
3-3-13 Shinbashi, Minato-ku
Tokyo, 105-0004, Japan


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